From  Then to Now 

Sustainability Frontiers was conceived and convened by sustainability education pioneer Professor David Selby in the York Durham Headwaters at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park in 2009 and has bloomed into a vibrant international organization,  Sustainability Frontiers (UK). It focuses on themes encompassing climate change, disaster risk reduction and resilience, transformative environmental education, transgressive sustainability, life skills, child-framed, active, activist, and action learning.  

Sustainability Frontiers Canada is a space for three of the original founders, all Ph.D. colleagues from the University of Toronto, to showcase restorative actions both modest and magnificent, share resources, and promote a humane democracy of recovery for all.  We continue to offer in loci and remote consultancy services through various national and international organizations and, in addition, extend volunteer services to groups and individuals committed to regenerative actions for sustainability.