Wendy Agnew 

Ecologizing our future involves the art of listening to quiet voices of, and beyond humanity, and discovering moments of revelation previously ignored. 

Wendy Agnew 

Co-founder of Sustainability Frontiers 2009

Dr. Agnew has worked with children and adults for more than thirty years. Using Montessori principles and her experience in the professional arts, she integrates Art, Drama, and Ecology into curriculum in meaningful and wondrous ways. 

Wendy has set up classrooms and training programmes in Mozambique and Iran, and has trained teachers in Ontario, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and Bermuda. She is highly respected for her workshops and innovative curriculum programs.

For details of her work with children and adults, please visit  : https://www.wendyagnew.ca/home 


In this teacher-generated Universe Story, science is integrated with mythology to the delight of participants. 

Teachers experience history, language, ecology, and culture through nature immersion and ritual    

Endangered species come to life through teacher innovation  

Three hundred and sixty in-service teachers celebrate a Montessori perspective

Reverence for all life is sensorial and reaches beyond the boundaries of industrial schooling.

Anima - photograph by M.M.

Making yogurt the grandmother's way - Teachers in training create original life skills exercises ... 

Somatics, Life Skills, and Celebration, are all integral to regenerative education. 

Working with the animals

Getting into humane Education

Re-wilding school ground

Honouring pollinator garden plants

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. - Gary Snyder

Equine Assisted Learning

Ornithology with Bedsheet Birds 

Shelter - A Fundamental Need

Language begins with expressive symbols - encoding inspires a desire to decode 

Collaborative murals from Mozambique to Saskatoon

You can't sit around and wait for somebody to say who you are. You need to write it and paint it and do it. - Faith Ringgold 

Transforming space - Permanent Mural installations on Traffic Barriers and at The University of Toronto 

Found Skeleton becomes a project ... 

... for Science, Art, Reverence and Ritual 

All knowledge is a story ... a series of tales we grow by.  

Can you dance it? Drum it? Inhabit it? 

Pythagoras argues his points and stirs up some dialogue 

Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to. - Willem Dafoe

A rendition of Ovid's Metamorphoses - A collaborative student film highlighting the power of myth and story-telling based on text by Mary Zimmerman 

"Stop the clear-cut!" 

Education is Activism 

Student led fundraising 

Inspired by Woodland Cree

Portrait for Dramtis Persona - By D

Activism is my rent for living on the planet. - Alice Walker 

Learning the Montessori way - concepts are embedded in the muscular memory 

Freedom of choice, movement, and communication  promotes joy 

Students use purpose built materials to experience the trinomial cube and number operations

10 chains made from repurposed beads for introduction to the decimal system 

Building the cube of 5 

Writing comes before Reading

Montessori cut out letters and presented them as sound symbols to children. Writing comes before reading as children begin to form their own words and stories. 

Story by A. 

Poem by S. 

From pre-school to junior high 

Portrait by A. of first female physician in Canada for dramatis persona project - a multi-media presentation integrating creative writing, drawing, research, and audience participation.

Vizualization by N.