Sustainability Frontiers


We are a group of Canadian educators, exploring paths to global sustainability and regeneration. This website captures some of our work individually and collectively. 

See where we have made a difference 

Bert has long engaged in Global Education as a director and practitioner in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Lidra has been involved in innovative educational projects around the globe.

As an educator, Wendy guides teachers and children in the way of Maria Montessori. 

OUR VISION and Mission

Sustainability Frontiers (Canada) is an alliance of sustainability and global educators dedicated to providing a well-rounded, holistic education that empowers learners to become confident and compassionate global citizens in an increasingly interconnected world.

Our deliberately small group of academic educators, each with a strong practitioner history, welcomes collaboration in various combinations in undertaking local, national and international projects, consultancies and initiatives at the leading edge of sustainability education.

Our projects have taken us from Nigeria to Newfoundland ... Tehran to Thailand ... Moldova to Mozambique ... the Carribean to Cameroon

Some helpful resources -- some we recommend and some we have created ourselves.